“Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading Diploma Course” by Karen E. Wells

"Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading Diploma Course" by Karen E. Wells

"Our in-depth course on Palmistry, is a form of divination which has its origins deep in history. It’s an interesting subject and highly revealing. Every line on the palms of the hands or on the fingers can tell you a great deal. Once you are proficient at reading palms, you can start to view your own palms, interpreting the information or take on clients giving people guidance and counselling. Equally, you can use your palm-reading skills for fun. Either way, palm reading will help you to forge new connections with others and forms a great starting point for conversation.

Everything you need so to provide interesting, accurate and compelling readings is contained within this course. There is a great deal to learn and you must utilise your understanding of the lines and signs found on peoples’ hands so to give them an accurate assessment. Your experience and confidence will start to grow once you understand the major and minor lines. The course is aimed at those who wish to have fun and do this for themselves, or for those who wish to expand their career into Palm Reading."