“The 84 Genies of Power: Simple Secrets to Unleash the Miraculous Power of the Soul for Love, Money, and Power” by Tristan Whitespire

"The 84 Genies of Power: Simple Secrets to Unleash the Miraculous Power of the Soul for Love, Money, and Power" by Tristan Whitespire

"Buried deep within your soul are 84 sacred powers that have been hidden in plain sight for centuries. These are the powers which the ancient sages used to bring fortune to their fate and to dominate their destiny. These ancient spirits are closer to you than your very breath and yet more powerful than a hurricane when you learn to put them to use. Using the simple and easy process of speaking sacred words of power and angelic names you will discover here, you will receive the keys to true magickal power.

For the first time in occult history, the secrets of these powers are being clearly revealed so that you can use them to bring harmony to your life, gain money and wealth, attract new lovers, gain peace and security, accomplish your goals, and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way. You may have read many law of attraction books on subjects such as the law of attraction for love, or the law of attraction for money, or you may use a Wicca book of shadows for your work. In this book there is no need to clear your chakras, do crystal healing, or summon a demon. These are all powerful paths but the magick you find here is something far different. In this book you will learn a simple and easy way to use angelic words of power to fulfill your will.

These powers belong to all of mankind and yet until now they have been inaccessible to all but a few who understood the true meaning and significance of their power. Those are the elite who live in quiet abundance, fulfilling every one of their wishes in peace, security, and delight. Now you will be given the power to rise to the top in your life. When you speak these sacred words and call these names, while gazing at these sigils of power, you will feel the authentic power of the ancients awaken within you and forever wash away feelings of shame, fear, and powerlessness. No more will you be at the mercy of an uncaring and sometimes outright hostile world. Instead you will proudly and confidently steer your life according to your will towards the destiny that pleases you the most."