“Experiments with Magical Energy” by Charles Mage

"Experiments with Magical Energy" by Charles Mage

"Experiments with Magical Energy is an occult handbook that teaches various experiments with magical energy. If you want to explore the powers of magical energy and your own magical/psychic abilities, then feel free to try the experiments as revealed in this handbook.

Magical energy is known by many names, such as ki, chi, prana, orgone, pneuma, mana, psi, and vital force, among many others. It has been used by and known in various cultures and traditions in different parts of the world. Be reminded that regardless of the term that it is called, these terms refer to one and the same energy. For our own purposes, we shall refer to it as magical energy or simply energy.

Experiments with Magical Energy will allow you to see and experience for yourself the nature and powers of magical energy. The best way to learn something is to experience it. Indeed, so many books and manuals have been written about magical energy, but what many occult learners lack is having actual experience of what it really means to use and manipulate magical energy."