“Beat the Casino Using Clairvoyance” by Charles Mage

"Beat the Casino Using Clairvoyance" by Charles Mage

"Beat the Casino Using Clairvoyance is an occult manual that teaches the power of clairvoyance, as well as how you can use it to win casino games and make a nice profit. Clairvoyance, also known as clear-seeing or clear vision is a famous psychic ability to see through time and space. It sees everything, nothing can be hidden from it. Time and again, it is proven that casino games are well in favor of the house and works against the player, especially in the long run. Math is a law, and you cannot win at casino games just by forcing any kind of mathematical formula. But, with magick, specifically with the power of clairvoyance, you can be ahead of the game and call the right and winning bets.

The magical art of clairvoyance has been used by magical practitioners for centuries. In fact, even laypeople are aware of what it is – but the truth remains that only a few actually know how to use develop this ability and use it effectively, especially in winning casino games like baccarat. Indeed, clairvoyance is a versatile ability that should be in the arsenal of any true practicing witch or magus.

Beat the Casino Using Clairvoyance lifts the veil and reveals the wonderful and mysterious power of clairvoyance. This magical ability has been practiced by true practitioners of the Craft of the Wise since ancient times. Deep in these pages, you shall discover your way to a magical universe, where magick is alive and full once again. In fact, you do not even have to play casino games to appreciate the teachings in this codex, since regardless whether you are a gambler or not, you shall learn the secrets and the true power of clairvoyance. It is now up to you to claim this power as your own."