“True Manifestation: Hermetic’s working alternative to the Law of Attraction fiction” by Nathaniel Writes

"True Manifestation: Hermetic's working alternative to the Law of Attraction fiction" by Nathaniel Writes

"For the last few years there has been a plethora of books exploiting the success of the “Law of Attraction” phenomenon, and in particular addressing the fact that it doesn't work. Every single book that tries to “unlock the secret of the true law of attraction” basically say that you have to get rid of your own limiting beliefs, and that you are basically doing it wrong. So if the Law of Attraction doesn't work, it’s your fault.
The reality is that the law of attraction cannot work because thoughts do NOT become things. Thoughts are already the end product, a mental manifestation, of a cause that sits elsewhere, at an Akashic level, and have no means to manifest into matter on their own.
This book explores the process of true manifestation, by gathering force and giving it shape and then releasing it a space where it can actualize our reality. It does not rely on beliefs, visualization, creative imagination, vibration tuning, positive affirmation or any trendy new age concept that postulates that mind alone can create realities.
The truth is that realities are spawn from an astral level. This books shows you how to shape yours."