“Investing by the Stars: Using Astrology in the Financial Markets” by Henry Weingarten

"Investing by the Stars: Using Astrology in the Financial Markets" by Henry Weingarten

"Even financier J. P. Morgan kept an astrologer on staff – and scores of today's analysts, brokers, and traders quietly rely on planetary data to help guide their investment decisions. If you're curious about how astrology and investing mix, Investing by the Stars will tell you all about it.
Your guide is prominent financial astrologer Henry Weingarten, managing director of the Astrologers Fund and predictor of such market benchmarks as the 1990 Tokyo stock market crash and the start of the Persian Gulf War. Here he helps readers learn what many bigtime money managers already know: that a little celestial knowledge can go a long way towards accurately timing the market … charting economic cycles and financial trends … foreseeing market psychology … and predicting global events that can devour your profits or double them overnight.
Read this extraordinary and enjoyable guide to discover when to buy and sell stocks from an astrological viewpoint; how astrology will help you discover your personal investment style; how the horoscopes of individual countries and corporations affect the selection of markets, industry groups, and individual stocks; and why financial astrologers are often not surprised by takeover bids, failed political coups, and other market "surprises".
Weingarten illustrates his points with insights into the horoscopes of the New York Stock Exchange, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others. You'll also find fascinating answers to frequently asked questions, useful data and planetary tables, and resources for further study."