“Kabbalah – A Beginner’s Guide” by Chaim Conway

"Kabbalah - A Beginner's Guide" by Chaim Conway

"Would you like to be introduced to the Kabbalah?

Whether you just want to improve your life, or want more peace, happiness, joy and 'miracles' you will find them in the Kabbalah.

I wrote this book to help others discover the life changing, spiritual secrets contained within the Kabbalah, in a simple, easy to understand way.

After reading this book you will have the skills to stop being affected by the stresses of daily events and take full control of your new empowering life.

When you read this book you will be able to start preparing yourself for a better and healthier life and truly feel that you are starting to have a grasp of Kabbalah.

This book will help you to develop your spiritual skills and understanding of the world around you."