"We all Dream of a neurological necessity; however not everyone remembers their Dreams and fewer still experience Lucid Dreaming. Remembering your Dreams takes practice, which will lead to Lucid Dreaming. Persistence is the key; there is no easy route; no Input, no Output. This is more so the case when practicing Sorcery in order to conjure a Succubus into your Lucid Dreams. The art of Sorcery utilises Rituals as a means to empower your Dreams, which can lead to a Lucid Dream conjuration of a Succubus; such Rituals involves your creative input; for Magick is the practice of Art; both practices are indivisible from the other, which deal with the Symbolic domain of your Dreams. This book covers how to enable the empowerment of your Dreams as well as covering the creation of your own Rituals of conjuration. The material herein contained is based upon my own extensive experiences and ongoing in depth research, which is specifically orientated towards the Dream conjuration of Succubae; although, if so desired, the communicated techniques can be otherwise utilised to conjure whatever you desire to experience within your Lucid Dreams. Fully Illustrated. Mature Readers Only!"