“Planetary Magick: A Complete System for Knowledge and Attainment” by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

"Planetary Magick: A Complete System for Knowledge and Attainment" by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

"If you want more magical information about the planets, this book is for you. For each planet the book includes over sixty-five correspondences, including such things as colors, symbols, elements, music, trees, herbs, incenses, deities from several pantheons, and many, many more. You can use this information to enhance any type of magick you do. All you need to know is the planet your magick is associated with — and you'll even learn how to determine that from this book. You'll even find the appropriate wine for rituals performed with a planetary energy!
Denning and Phillips, heads of the well-regarded magical order, the Aurum Solis, tell you how to prepare to do magick. This includes how to set up the altar, design your symbols, and prepare your body and mind.
Finally, if you're looking for a complete system of magick, this book includes sixty-five rituals for doing planetary magick! Here you will find sets of rituals (one for each of the seven planets associated with the days of the week) for such things as attuning to the planetary energies; summoning planetary spirits into a magick mirror; and using visions to astrally explore the planetary regions themselves.
Planetary magick lies at the root of all astrological, alchemical, and Qabalistic lore. Although the planetary powers of the cosmos are far beyond our intervention, their counterparts in the depths of the psyche are within our reach. This can be done using the special meditative and ritual methods given in this book.
If you are looking for something with more depth, for magick with more power, for ways to contact your deepest essence (where you find the source of your personal power), this book is a must. It covers everything down to the color of the robe you should wear while doing magick. It's all here. "