“Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls” by Kerrie Erwin

"Spirit Rescue: Clear Negative Energy and Free Earthbound Souls" by Kerrie Erwin

"When souls don't cross to the other side after death, they wander the astral plane aimlessly, causing havoc around the living. But you can help them cross over, no matter your skill level. Spirit Rescue teaches you how to identify different types of spirits, clear negative energy, and invite angels and guides to your own spirit rescue team.

Through personal stories and detailed advice, Kerrie Erwin teaches you everything about safely helping spirits. Discover how to use white light for protection, meditation for clearing the aura, and smoke cleansing for removing a spirit. You will also explore methods for viewing and healing remotely. With this book, you can confidently clear a space of an unwanted presence and help the dead successfully transition to the afterlife."