“Life, is But a Dream: Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery” by Joseph Kenneth Boettcher

"Life, is But a Dream: Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery" by Joseph Kenneth Boettcher

"Currently, the teachers of astral traveling are few and far between, and most of the available books on the subject begin with such inane instructions as “just roll out of your body…” If a student of astral travel were capable of doing such etheric gymnastics he or she would not need a book in the first place. But this gem of a book before you by Joseph Kenneth Boettcher is much different. It leads the serious student of astral travel every step of the way, from providing basic meditation instructions to the most advanced astral travel techniques.

Whether you’re new to the subject of astral projection, developing your practice, or already leaving your body and exploring the astral planes, this is a fundamental piece of literature for your purpose.

Life is But a Dream is the Light Body Travelers complete Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum. The contents of this book have been meticulously composed over the course of three years by both the authors, as well as Light Body Travelers around the world.

It is our mission to share this book in the form of an unpublished manuscript, so that it is received by many thousands of readers in its true, untainted, essence. Direct communications and inspirations from within the astral realms have made this book the evolutionary treasure that it is today. Our work in Life is But a Dream has catapulted the spiritual evolution of individuals just like you all around the world.

Life is But a Dream delivers a user-friendly, comprehensive curriculum that gives you not only an infallible method of achieving highly lucid astral projection, but also a beginning study into the three metaphysical systems of Yoga, Kabbalah, and Hermetics. This book is highly esteemed in that it is packed full of life-altering information and spiritual practices that literally allow you to cross the threshold into self-illumination and conscious immortality. This is not a figure of speech, here, are given the steps to exist beyond the third dimension and experience an entirely new and illuminated perspective of this life, and your souls own journey.

Life is But a Dream is specifically designed to replace blind faith and underlying conditioned belief structures with your own personal experiences of reality. This is truly accomplished when your personal experiences within the astral and spiritual realms begin to unlock your greater existence. In the words of Sri Yukteswar, "Wisdom is not assimilated with the eyes, but with the atoms. When your conviction of a truth is not merely in your brain but in your being, you may diffidently vouch for its meaning".

This book includes over four hours of binaural and astral projection training videos available at: www.lightbodytravelers.com. "