“Mind Magic Methods: A Complete Magickal System” by Merlin Starlight

"Mind Magic Methods: A Complete Magickal System" by Merlin Starlight

"What is Mind Magic?
“Mind Magic” is a modern system of magick that utilizes the mind-body connection to strike a beautiful balance between conscious thoughts and subconscious feelings with the result of making powerful changes to your reality.

Learn real magick easier than ever!
Unlike traditional magick, Mind Magic does not require complex rituals, objects or ingredients, astronomical conditions, daily repetition, or the invoking of angels or other beings. It’s magick you can learn to do at any time all on your own!

How is this book different?
Mind Magic Methods doesn’t give you specific magick that you must do in a prescribed way. Instead, it teaches you the basic building blocks of real magick and some solid methodologies for working it. Then it instructs you on how to use those building blocks to create your own magick to alter any situation or conditions in your reality.
The result: Magick that is both Flexible and Powerful!"