“Infinite Manifestation Loops” by Richard Dotts

"Infinite Manifestation Loops" by Richard Dotts

"For the first time ever, Richard Dotts integrates a powerful hidden concept from the disparate fields of ancient spirituality and modern-day computer science. This concept is so obvious and commonly used in computer programming. Yet, it has a profound transformational effect when applied to our spiritual manifestations.

In Infinite Manifestation Loops, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts introduces the groundbreaking protocol of recursive loops into the process of spiritual manifestations. The result is the creation of infinite manifestation loops and the infinite magnification of the effect your energetic protocols.

As Richard explains, "When the intentions in your life are stated recursively, what results are infinite manifestation loops… where each intention builds on ALL the intentions you have held in the past!"

The author of more than 30 international bestsellers, Richard Dotts is arguably the world’s favorite teacher of manifestations. What makes Richard’s teachings so effective is his masterful way of integrating these esoteric spiritual practices into our everyday lives and experiences. Richard teaches that the inner science of manifestations is not about living a spiritual life to the exclusion of everything else. Rather, manifestations are about how effectively you integrate these spiritual principles into your current life.

Richard’s teachings are so effective precisely because they turn conventional manifestation wisdom on its head. He has taught that there is no need to monitor the progress of your manifestations once you have set them in motion. In fact, the fastest and most effective way to manifest is to set an intention and then DROP IT completely.

In Infinite Manifestation Loops, Richard Dotts goes even deeper into the themes he has explored in his previous bestsellers. Besides showing new ways to integrate this material into our lives, Richard describes how to bypass the roadblocks of manifestations by completely dropping the mind from the manifestation process and making your intentions recursive!"