“Mindless Money Manifestations” by Richard Dotts

"Mindless Money Manifestations" by Richard Dotts

"No one has studied the art and science of inner manifestations as intimately as Richard Dotts. Over the past decade, Richard has taught an international audience how to apply these spiritual manifestation and energetic protocols to various areas of their lives with astonishing results.

Richard’s insights on manifestations are not based on hearsay or a rehashing of works by other popular authors, many of whom have not realized the essence of these teachings for themselves. Instead, each work is written with Universal guidance, and his teachings are based on his own practical experience with the art and science of manifestations. Ever since he wrote the international bestseller Dollars Flow To Me Easily, avid readers of Richard Dotts have been asking for a sequel about the topic of money.

In Mindless Money Manifestations, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts teaches readers how to apply his mindless manifestation protocols specifically to the subject of manifesting more financial abundance in your life.

Recent books by Richard have advocated a thoughtless and mindless approach. In Mindless Money Manifestations, join Richard on a spiritual adventure as he shows you how to increase your money consciousness and become completely mindless about your money situation. Regardless of the conditions in your life right now, this means not speaking about money, not thinking about money, not needing to ‚Äúsolve‚ÄĚ any of your perceived money problems, and not having to prove anything to anyone. When you become completely thoughtless and mindless about the amount of money in your life and focus on its mindless alternative, great abundance starts to flow into your physical experience."