“Manifest As You Read: Through Instant Manifestation Protocols” by Richard Dotts

"Manifest As You Read: Through Instant Manifestation Protocols" by Richard Dotts

"Is it really possible to manifest as you read? What if the simple act of reading sets off a sequence of physical manifestations with no need for your active intervention or control? What if manifestations occurred in a realm that is beyond time, space, and your physical understanding? If so, what is your role in the manifestation process?

In his latest book Manifest As You Read, Richard Dotts answers these fundamental questions about creating physical manifestations and more. This new book for the new year deepens his groundbreaking manifestation teachings originally set out in his previous bestseller, Instantly Directed Manifestations.

Richard expands upon the premise that creative manifestations are a series of focused, energetic directions. Knowing which energetic directions to take starts the sequence of manifestations, beyond which no further control or intervention is needed from an individual. In fact, as Richard explains in Manifest As You Read, any sense of wanting to control or worrying over the manifestation process can only result in delays or, worse, unfulfilled manifestations.

Manifest As You Read is written based on Richard’s actual experience and work with hundreds of thousands of students around the world and many more who have read his 30+ bestsellers on the subject. Each aspect of the book has been carefully crafted to support your own personal manifestations. The first half of the book provides essential background information about the manifestation process. This is deliberate. It allows your logical / thinking mind to have things to focus on as your higher / intuitive self absorbs this material. After ensuring that the logical thinking mind does not sabotage the creation process, the second half of the book talks about using instant manifestation protocols that can bring about your physical manifestations.

The use of these instant manifestation protocols is naturally woven into the narrative of this book, such that it becomes easy to apply this material whether you are a beginner or advanced reader of this material.

In Manifest As You Read, Richard is determined to help and support you in setting off a string of successful manifestations for the new year. Regardless of whether they are financial, health, career, or relationship goals, it is Richard’s intention that these instant manifestation protocols create quick and lasting changes in your life."