“The Warrior-Magician Manual: Practical Occultism for Beginners” by Astennu Sever

"The Warrior-Magician Manual: Practical Occultism for Beginners" by Astennu Sever

"This is a collection of articles written by myself, Astennu Sever, over a couple of years. Some of these have appeared in occult magazines and websites, namely occultist.net, while others have not been published until now.

My primary motivation in publishing this work has been to explain occultism in a very pragmatic manner for those who are interested in this path. I consider occultism a comprehensive worldview by which the person regularly gets in touch with powers that are outside of ordinary sense perception. The main reason for getting in touch with these powers, which often present themselves as spiritual entities during rituals, is so that the occultist can manipulate external and internal reality in a way that suits his or her goals.

There is a vast spiritual landscape that we can access only through occult methods. No amount of theoretical knowledge in philosophy, theology or modern science can bring us closer to true power in this world or spiritual elevation. We have to rely on magick to access our dormant potential. The following chapters will reveal practical ways in which you can access untapped powers of your mind in order to manifest your deepest visions and desires in the physical universe."