“The School of Wizardry: A Handbook for the Modern Wizard” by Mario Garnet

"The School of Wizardry: A Handbook for the Modern Wizard" by Mario Garnet

"Journey with the writer and his two artists in an adventure of magic in our world in light of Wizardry! We begin the School of Wizardry where Harry Potter left off and meet our Headmaster Muhlaton. From here we embark upon an experience of the many facets of magic through five Grottos (classes) with unique magical instructors.

Each grotto begins as a fictional adventure and glides into an instructional format for the budding Wizard, culminating in a gathering for the actual practice of magical principles.

The Grottos: Magic of Knowledge is about the mysterious properties of arithmetic, geometry and human history; Magic of Cultural Diversity—the multi-facets of being human; Magic of Life—the nature of our DNA and the sanctity of the vehicle of our life force; Magic of our Universe—Quantum fields and the fine line between science and magic; Art of Magic—the How-To!"