“Awaken to Your True Self: Why You’re Still Stuck and How to Break Through” by Andrew Daniel

"Awaken to Your True Self: Why You're Still Stuck and How to Break Through" by Andrew Daniel

"Have you ever wondered, “Why am I still stuck despite all the inner work I’ve done?” Do you feel trapped repeating the same cycles and stories over and over again, no matter what you heal or fix? Are you looking to learn the truth about who you really are? Is there a challenge or plateau you’re trying to overcome that isn’t responding to conventional methods?

Awaken to Your True Self is a practical guide on transformation, embodiment, and shadow work. It integrates holistic perspectives from somatic therapy, mindfulness, and spirituality to help you get unstuck. Andrew Daniel grounds timeless spiritual truth in approaches and exercises that help where traditional self-help fails. These approaches defy conventional advice—and that’s exactly why they work when nothing else does.

If you’re confused and frustrated despite all you know and achieved, or how much you’ve worked on yourself, because you feel like:
You should be further along or already past this
You could be expressing yourself more fully in life
You shouldn’t be repeating the same cycles again and again
Your success in relationships, career, health, & spirit should match

Stop and imagine how your life would look in just a year, if today you were able to:
Break through that plateau in your sport, art, craft, practice, or meditation
Reach your potential and move past career or financial ceilings, and creative blocks
Know how to attract the right people or circumstances without second-guessing
Relax into the peace and freedom from not having to fix everything about yourself
End fear, codependency, insecurity and start fully experiencing life

…would you be willing to hear about unconventional solutions that helped thousands of others?"