“The Science of Vampires” by Katherine Ramsland

"The Science of Vampires" by Katherine Ramsland

"Are any vampire myths based on fact? Bloodsucking villain to guilt-ridden loner—what has inspired the redemption of the vampire in fiction and film? What is Vampire Personality Disorder? What causes a physical addiction to another person's blood? Are there any boundaries in the polysexual world of vampires? How could a vampire hide in today's world of advanced forensic science? What is the psychopathology of the vampire? What happens in the brain of a vampire's victim?

Since Bram Stoker's Dracula was published in 1897, the concept of the vampire has evolved from supernatural creature of the night to reluctant bloodsucker to the sympathetic vampire of today's popular culture. Featuring interviews with forensic experts, creative artists, and real-life bloodsuckers, The Science of Vampires offers a fascinating investigation into the myths and realities of the vampire, exploring every aspect of the dark force that has played host to our fears of infections, depletions, alien influence, and disease. From vampirism's roots in ancient legend through its post-modern redefinition in contemporary films and novels to its scientific evolution as a very real mental disorder, Ramsland proves just how immortal, enigmatic, and seductive the lure of blood can be."