“Qigong Meditation Small Circulation: The Foundation of Spiritual Enlightenment” by Yang Jwing-Ming (updated 2nd edition)

"Qigong Meditation Small Circulation: The Foundation of Spiritual Enlightenment" by Yang Jwing-Ming (updated 2nd edition)

"Qìgōng Small Circulation meditation has been known for centuries to not only promote health and longevity but also to open a path toward spiritual enlightenment.

Small Circulation meditation is the practice of circulating energy within the human body through the two main pathways, the Conception, and the Governing vessels. This practice is considered a foundation of Internal Elixir Qìgōng and was a fundamental step of meditation training in ancient times.

Practicing Small Circulation meditation will help you to:
Regulate the Qì circulating in your twelve primary Qì channels
Make Qì abundant throughout your entire body

Building upon a foundation of Embryonic Breathing practice, Small Circulation is the second stage of meditation training for health, longevity, and spiritual enlightenment through meditation. The third step is to practice Qìgōng Grand Circulation.

Dr. Yáng presents translation and analysis of many ancient Buddhist and Daoist documents and offers modern scientific explanations for learning and training safely. This double-edged approach will enable you to quickly achieve a high level of understanding.

Qìgōng Small Circulation is organized into three parts:
Foundations: General Qìgōng concepts and meditation theory
Meditation training procedures: Four refinements and five regulatings
The practice of Small Circulation meditation

This second edition includes pinyin tonal marks for pronunciation, modern Chinese fonts, and illustration enhancements."