“Blindfolded Sight The Year Long Course: For Psychic and Energetic Development” by Robert Smith

"Blindfolded Sight The Year Long Course: For Psychic and Energetic Development" by Robert Smith

"This is a year-long course broken down into daily practices and developmental goals. Each month introduces new practices, meditations, and lectures on important spiritual topics. As you progress through the book and tasks there are areas to mark down your progress and keep a journal. Everyone can become psychic and telekinetic. The human system has inherent capabilities that simply need understanding and focused development. This book has a combination of methods each detailing exactly why each practice is important and what is being developed. This is my most complete practice guide to date. Do not underestimate your capabilities. The only limits that exist are those we place upon ourselves. Learn to develop your consciousness, your vitality, your emotions, your spiritual senses, and your energetic system."