“The Horse in Magic and Myth” by M. Oldfield Howey

"The Horse in Magic and Myth" by M. Oldfield Howey

"From Pegasus and the Trojan horse to the four horses of the Apocalypse, the familiar figure of the horse possesses an age-old mystique. Indeed, many cultures around the world attribute otherworldly qualities to the horse. This volume provides a rich compilation of legend and lore celebrating the sacred and magical symbolism traditionally associated with horses.

Derived from classical mythology, the Bible, world folklore, literature, and other sources, these fantastic tales recount the exploits of angelic steeds and demonic horses as well as centaurs, hippogryphs, and unicorns. Supernatural warhorses and headless phantom horses gallop through these stories, in addition to fairy horses, sea horses, hobbyhorses, bridal horses, corn-horses, moon-horses, wind-horses, and many other fabulous equine exemplars. Readers will also find legends of the gods and patron saints of horses, the horse and metempsychosis, the horse in creation myths, and much more.

A bibliography appears at the end of each chapter, providing scholars and folklorists with an excellent range of resources. The informal and colorful narrative, enhanced by several fanciful illustrations, makes this unique book a treat for horse lovers and readers of all interests."