“The Writer’s Guide to Book Cover Secrets” by S.A. Soule (Fiction Writing Tools)

"The Writer's Guide to Book Cover Secrets" by S.A. Soule (Fiction Writing Tools)

"Most writers struggle with book promotion and attracting their target readership. In this remarkable and inexpensive guide, indie authors will learn amazing insider tips on book cover design, along with influential marketing tactics that will increase sales and catch the attention of readers.

A writer works hard on the "inside" of a book, so they should ensure that the "outside" is just as awesome.

The problem is that most self-published writers are unsure what "author branding" means. or how impactful a "genre specific" book cover is to the effective promotion of a book.

The best way to increase book sales, and save time and money on advertising is by using the secrets revealed in this handbook. The topics in this in-depth guide include powerful ways that authors of popular genres can attract more readers. If done right, a genre specific cover will sell itself and make a massive impact on a book’s success.

Are you ready to increase your sales, target your ideal readership, and embark on a successful writing career?"