“Persephone’s Pathway: Wisdom, Magick & Growth” by Jennifer Heather

"Persephone's Pathway: Wisdom, Magick & Growth" by Jennifer Heather

"The Goddess Persephone is the epitome of duality; as the Spring Maiden she revitalises the earth with abundance and light, and as the Queen of the Underworld she transforms and rejuvenates in the dark. Persephone's Pathway is one of balance and harmony that teaches us to live with the ebb and flow of the earth, developing our own craft along the way. A devotional book full of wisdom, spells and rituals that shows you how to manifest abundance with the Spring Maiden, and heal your inner wounds through shadow work with the Dark Goddess. Connect with the dual goddess archetype on your journey of spirituality that blends together Goddess wisdom with modern witchcraft. Unify the dark and light aspects together to experience how they shine a light on each other in this celebration of wholeness and authenticity."