“The Soil Covenant” by Agrippa

"The Soil Covenant" by Agrippa

"After a lifetime of study, I never thought that there was still something out there that would surprise me again … well, I was wrong.This ritual is not more powerful than many others I have seen, but what is surprising is the relative simplicity with which it can be performed.While many rites require special environmental conditions, unobtainable tools, sacrifices … the "soil covenant" can be practiced literally by anyone who has the courage to experience it.But, as always there is a "but", this simplicity has a price.The "soil covenant" is a ritual created to ask for something, but giving something else in exchange, that is, you can make a request to an entity, but in exchange you have to make a real pact with it: when the entity meets your request, you are obliged to respect the covenant.In fact, the first part of the papyrus recommends choosing carefully the words used, because once the covenant is made, there is no going back."