“The Mercury Formula: Three Steps to Self-Transformation” by J.R. Sedivy

"The Mercury Formula: Three Steps to Self-Transformation" by J.R. Sedivy

"Through the ages, diverse spiritual and mystic traditions have developed pathways to wisdom and inner power based on universal spiritual laws. These esoteric truths were historically kept as closely guarded secrets, accessible only to a select few initiates through lifetimes of disciplined study.

Many of these concepts have recently become widely known and accepted in spiritual circles. However, outside of an established spiritual tradition many experience the path to spiritual power and purpose to be truly labyrinthine. The Mercury Formula reformulates the old mystery school wisdom into a concise, practical manual that not only explains the spiritual truths, but offers a clear and precise formula for intense and rapid personal discovery and transformation—ideal for those feeling the urgent inner call to realize their purpose and create the change they want to see in the world.

In The Mercury Formula: Three Steps to Self-Transformation alchemist J.R. Sedivy presents foundational wisdom of the ages, made relevant for today's spiritual seekers."