“Sight Beyond Sight: The Mythology, Methodology and Utility of the Higher Self” by Stephen James Wakefield

"Sight Beyond Sight: The Mythology, Methodology and Utility of the Higher Self" by Stephen James Wakefield

"What is the Higher Self? It is many different things to many different people, and appears in forms throughout mythology, mysticism, magic, philosophy and psychology. The Higher Self as it is most commonly recognised is that ‘spark’ of otherness within us that connects us with all of existence and the Absolute or God from which we emanated.

The Higher Self speaks to us of cosmic interconnectedness and the divine. It suggests the underlying unity of all creation, and to integrate it into our conscious life is to open up endless possibilities such as epiphany and spiritual insight, extra sensory perception in the form of precognition, visionary dreams and astral projection, as well as instances of supreme creativity and the fulfilment of our will.

The Higher Self is, then, an inherent part of us, if not the most natural aspect of our being, and its acknowledgement and acceptance into everyday life heralds a level of completion that we can otherwise only dream of and wish for.
This study considers, in turn, the mythology, methodology and utility of the Higher Self across all manner of philosophies and beliefs, revealing the myriad ways in which it has been recognised, explored and incorporated into mysticism, magic and more over the course of several millennia.

A foundational study of the Higher Self and a sourcebook which offers countless further avenues of enquiry for the spirit and the mind, Sight Beyond Sight is an exciting and revealing work which addresses the reality of the oldest of questions posed by humanity:

What are we, what is reality — and what might lie beyond this reality if we can know our true, Higher Self and thus rend the veils of existence?"