“Deep Freewriting: How to Masterfully Navigate the Creative Flow” by Stephen Lloyd Webber

"Deep Freewriting: How to Masterfully Navigate the Creative Flow" by Stephen Lloyd Webber

"Writing for long stretches of time should not feel like hard work. The best ideas often only emerge after you really immerse yourself in the creative flow.
Deep Freewriting launches a proven writing method to new heights.

Drawing from the author's experience of 8, 12, and 24-hour writing marathons, this practical guide takes you through seven in-depth modules packed with strategies and hands-on exercises.

Writing faster leads to better writing.
* Defeat procrastination
* Instead of trying to silence the inner critic, get it to work for you
* Embrace messiness and creative chaos
* Organize complex thoughts on the fly

Whether you are a student, writer, or creative professional, this book leads you towards of the often-elusive flow state."