“The Story of Shit” by Midas Dekkers

"The Story of Shit" by Midas Dekkers

"A witty, fascinating look at something we generally prefer not to look too closely at.

We are very discreet. We disappear into a private room, perform the task, flush, wash, and reappear as if nothing happened. Of course, hygiene is necessary―some faecal bacteria, if re-ingested, can cause very serious problems―and unpleasant aromas are best kept at bay.

But in all this hygienic discretion have we lost touch with an integral part of ourselves-something as much a part of living as breathing, eating and sleeping? Something enriching, creative and even enjoyable?

The Story of Shit presents a personal, cultural, scientific, historical, and environmental account of shit, from the digestive process and the fascinating workings of the gut, to the act of defecation and toilet etiquette. With irreverent humor and a compelling narrative style, Midas Dekkers brings a refreshing, entertaining and illuminating perspective to a once-taboo subject."