“Dream It to Do It: The Science and the Magic” by Howard Eisenberg

"Dream It to Do It: The Science and the Magic" by Howard Eisenberg

"Do you wonder sometimes how and why you're here? What 'here' even is, and who 'You' are in the greater scheme of things? Are you feeling increasing overwhelm and despair about the world around you because it's taken such a dark turn? If these questions resonate with you — then this is THE book which finally explains it all.

This is a very powerful book by a physician and long-time scientific explorer of the various realms of consciousness. The doctor recently 'felt called' to write and share this spiritually and scientifically integrated book of Revelations for these troubled times.

It's a user-friendly 'manual of initiation' into the underlying mysteries of our existence that explains how reality works!

· This revealed Knowledge is the ultimate Power!
· Overcome the 'Dark Forces' separating us from each other and Nature
· Discover the 'World-behind-the-world'
· Tap into your 'inner magical powers'
· Learn 'how to shift reality' to manifest a more satisfying reality for us all"