“Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality” by Cat Howell

"Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality" by Cat Howell

"The world of magic is shrouded in fear and stigma, but to those who are brave enough to open their hearts to it awaits an empowering practice of self discovery.

A heartwarming and practical guide to the altar within as told through the author's story of finding herself at the helm of a multi million dollar company but deeply depressed, and how it was that magic helped her to create a life that is at once more cherished and cherishing.

With easy writing and relatable diction, this book aims to demystify the fears and stigmas around magic and passes on to readers the original source codes of manifestation.

Whether you find yourself in a structure that no longer fulfils you, overwhelmed or confused, or if you are merely curious about inner alchemy, this revolutionary book holds the answers."