“Reiki: From Beginner to Practitioner” by Jacqueline Raison

"Reiki: From Beginner to Practitioner" by Jacqueline Raison

"Reiki is a gentle but powerful universal healing energy that boosts the body's ability to heal itself, whether the source of disease is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. This Japanese healing method can aid relaxation and meditation, boosts our energy and can enhance manifestation and personal growth. Anyone with an open mind can learn Reiki in as little as a day, and you can immediately start offering Reiki to family, friends and pets. Within a few days of giving yourself Reiki you will start to feel lighter, and notice that old aches and pains have disappeared. With commitment to daily practice, it is possible to go on to become a successful practitioner in just a few months. It includes the history and nature of Reiki; the aura and chakra system; the hand positions for healing; healing animals with Reiki and using Reiki for personal development. This beautifully illustrated book is designed to be used as an introduction to Reiki, preparation for a Reiki class, a class manual, a revision resource and a daily reference."