“I Ching in Plain English: A Concise Interpretation of the Book of Changes” by George Hulskramer

"I Ching in Plain English: A Concise Interpretation of the Book of Changes" by George Hulskramer

"The I Ching focuses on the belief that change is always possible, the only mistake in life is to be inflexible and not open to the opportunity of growth. It can be consulted about any situation where you desire to change an aspect of your life or your relationship with another. The I Ching seeks to make the most of any situation and to overcome the disharmony in a life.
In I Ching In Plain English George Hulskramer has balanced several new translations of recently published versions of the I Ching to capture the essential spirit of this ancient classic.
It opens up the meanings of the coins to a wider range of contemporary experience than is provided by Richard Wilhelm's traditionally accepted translation of 1923. The traditional Confucian version of the I Ching, which dominates Richard Wilhelm's edition, emphasises correct behaviour and good manners while the Taoist and Buddhist schools stress inner development, how to make changes to the relationships you have with people around you and how to manage change in your life.
George Hulskramer's synthesis of the differing versions of the I Ching makes this edition relevant for everyone interested in this ancient oracle. The multiple meanings of each hexagram are condensed into two pages that combine Buddhist and Taoist interpretations and translations with the Confucian translations used by Wilhelm.

Based on several new translations of the I Ching, this groundbreaking interpretation explores the meaning of the ancient text and places it within the context of contemporary experience. Once used for consultation and guidance, this spiritual classic has come to emphasize inner development, relationship connections, the management of daily life changes, and the balance and harmony available in philosophies and actions. This edition's condensed commentary on coins and hexagrams allows for quick and easy consultation."