“Daemons of Fortune: The Golden Goddess and The Seven Daemons of Fortune” by David Thompson

"Daemons of Fortune: The Golden Goddess and The Seven Daemons of Fortune" by David Thompson

"This book will examine seven Daemons who are traditionally summoned when working luck and fortune magick, then a process is revealed by which you can work to shift your own fortune using all seven spirits. The ritual in this book will involve summoning multiple daemons at the same time, combining their powers to reshape the energy of fortune around you. Sequence of rituals to banish bad luck, attract good luck, and a new set of original sigils to be used as Talismans to attract fortune, luck and personal power.

But first, I will introduce an ancient goddess, one that is only known as "The Lady". An elusive goddess, often called upon by even the most skeptical of people when faced with the urgent need to win, either at life or while gambling.

I’ll explain how to draw her to you, and how to get her assistance. Then, how to thank her for her assistance and to continue to have her on your side.

However, I cannot promise that this book will help you change your luck with games of chance in any manner."