“Apocalyptatomanomicon” by Ion X and TSI

"Apocalyptatomanomicon" by Ion X and TSI

"Between the covers of this tome you’ll discover ideas and explorations of a strange nature, each chapter a different dimension of stimulating ideas, and information; little-known, theoretical, and factual.

If these ideas and explorations are followed to their conclusions, you, the reader, will be led through inner initiations, and finally to a personal apocalypse; a revelation of the truth of your reality, the reality of our universe, and the reality of other worlds.

Strip away the bullshit, and get ready for a weird ride… Energy manipulation, magic, interdimensional travel, and more are all waiting within these pages… Take a breath, acknowledge your fear, let it pass, and carry on.

Many of these exercises can awaken forgotten elements from the murky depths of the readers psyche."