“Kaocentric Marketing and The Sorcery of Sales” by Nathan Dube

"Kaocentric Marketing and The Sorcery of Sales" by Nathan Dube

"Within the pages of this book, you will find a hybrid system of marketing and sales techniques that are combined with various elements of chaos magic. When used together, these technologies and approaches to the arts of sales and marketing, one has the potential to fully transform their reality into a manifestation of their dream life.

In this tome, we will explore the application of magical acts such as sigilization, evocation, invocation, spellcraft, ritual, the creation of servitors and egregores and a collection of other magical experiments which can be applied to your every day marketing and sales techniques to help you achive your wildest dreams.

Examples from my own practical application of magic to the process of sales and marketing will be provided. Through the implementation of the same actions of which I took in the endeavor of using magic to manifest the life I wanted, you should expect to be able to produce similar results.

This book is a guide. A starting point for a journey that if taken, will give you a set of tools that can be used to bring forth a life of absolute happiness. This book is for creative sales and marketing professionals. Which means, it is a device that can be used by anyone looking to leverage their personal brand to create changes in reality of which will result in the aquring of true joy."