“Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment” by Jack Tanner

"Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment" by Jack Tanner

"Enlightenment" is a scam. You know it is. Meditation is useless. You know it is. Mindfulness is actually Mindlessness. You know it is. Here's the message that you definitely don't want to hear. Reason and logic explain reality. The Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam's Razor are the instruments necessary to understand reality, not meditation, not mindfulness, not yoga, not perception, not empiricism.

If you are opposed to the Principle of Sufficient Reason, you are thereby a defender of irrationalism. Irrational answers are not answers. Unreason is endarkenment. Reason is the enlightenment, the true enlightenment. The light of reason shows you the way to the Absolute Answer."