“Ergodicity: Definition, Examples, And Implications, As Simple As Possible” by Luca Dellanna (2nd edition)

"Ergodicity: Definition, Examples, And Implications, As Simple As Possible" by Luca Dellanna (2nd edition)

"Is ergodicity the most important concept in decision-making and behavioral sciences? (Yes.) Is it relevant for you in your daily life? (Yes.) Is it possible to explain it so simply that a grandma or a high-schooler can understand it? (Yes.) Even if they know nothing about maths? (Yes.) That's because ergodicity is an important idea with so many practical applications. Sadly, most books describe it in a very technical way, making it inaccessible to most people.

In this short book, 6-times author Luca Dellanna describes ergodicity as simply as possible. You will read stories about how not knowing about it destroyed his cousin’s career as a skier, or how misunderstanding it caused additional deaths during the pandemic. You will learn how to spot situations in which ergodicity matters and the three strategies to react appropriately.

This book is for readers interested in growing themselves, their career, or their business, and who want to learn about ergodicity and its practical applications without having to understand its mathematical foundation. No mathematical knowledge is required, only a high-school-level understanding of English. Readers who want to master the theory and mathematical foundation of ergodicity are better off reading a more formal manuscript. This book is not a substitute for it, but a complement."