“The Physics of the Primary State of Matter” (Karl Schappeller) by Cyril W. Davson

"The Physics of the Primary State of Matter" (Karl Schappeller) by Cyril W. Davson

– Space or "Space Fabric" – in this context means the 3 dimensional medium which SUPPORTS matter, force fields and radiant energy. It does NOT mean specifically interplanetary space, but INCLUDES it.
– Ether or "Aether" – another name for space, but implies a different concept in that space is regarded as the absence of matter, and ether is regarded as the existence of a space medium having specific properties…………………….ref : Lodge Theory.
– Inertial Mass – comparison of amounts of matter by examination of the inertial properties using the equation: P = m a where P = force required to accelerate inertial mass (m) at an acceleration of value a.
– Gravitational Mass – comparison of amount of matter. G, the force on it, is a gravitational field.
P = Emg.
P = force on mass mg in a field of strength E E is given by the Newtonian formula
E = GM/d^ where G is universal gravitational constant and d^ is distance from planetary body mass M (^ = squared)
– Primary Magnetism – a large scale movement of ether.
– Glowing Magnetism, Glowing Core – a center where ether is converted from an undisturbed state to PERTURBED states giving rise to various manifestations of primary magnetism, e.g. gravity, magnetism, electrostatic fields, matter and radiant energy. (see NEUTRAL1 on KeelyNet)
– E.M.F. – electro-motive force, potential difference produced by separation of charge.
Inertia – reluctance of matter to change its state of motion.
– Levity – in opposition TO gravity.
– Microcellular – made up of very SMALL cells.
– Macrocellular – made up of quite LARGE cells.
– Vortex – circulation in a fluid.
– Microvortex – small area of circulation.
– Quasar – very small but highly dense star with a fantastically high gravity, producing a large "red shift" in the spectrum of the star."