“Pazuzu Versus the F***ing Fairies” by Dana Hammer

"Pazuzu Versus the F***ing Fairies" by Dana Hammer

"Pazuzu the demon's desires are simple. He only wants to have some father-son bonding time in the forest, and engage in some light arson. But his sensitive artistic son wants nothing to do with it, preferring to play video games and befriend the whimsical, brightly-colored fairies who dwell in the woods.

Not only is the forest full of fairies (the mortal enemies of demons) but it's full of hippies who are convened there for the International Fairy and Human Convention. Can Pazuzu entice his son into the ways of darkness? Or will the boy join forces with a bunch of tree-hugging environmentalists and fairies?

Find out in this darkly comic tale."