“Medical Astrology” by Jeffrey Wolf Green

"Medical Astrology" by Jeffrey Wolf Green

"This book on Medical Astrology is based on lectures and workshops Jeffrey Green gave during his career. It is a compilation that puts together those lectures and workshops. It starts with a lecture called Medical Astrology: Anatomy, Physiology, and the Chakra System. From there it goes into the basic principles of EA chart analysis of a medical nature, the astrological correlations to anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system which correlates to the natural spinal plexuses emanating from the spine. There is then a chapter on necessary medical terminology and the astrological correlations to that terminology. The next chapter is dedicated to various questions that were asked during different lectures and workshops, and the answers to them. From there a whole chapter on practice charts in which students were given assignments so that the reader of this book can learn how to implement what is being taught. And, finally, a comprehensive medical index."