“Meditations: 50 Meditation Techniques” by CM Hamilton

"Meditations: 50 Meditation Techniques" by CM Hamilton

"Would you like to learn many different meditation techniques? Do you want inspiration to start or improve your own meditation practice?

Meditations provides simple and clear instructions for 50 different meditation techniques including mantra meditation, mindfulness, breath counting, relaxation, metta meditation, visualisation, body scan, flight relaxation, stoic meditation, writing meditations and more. The techniques are divided into three categories: focused attention, monitoring/mindfulness and intentional thinking, and in addition there are 25 tips for starting, improving and maintaining a meditation practice.

Meditation has been used by humans for thousands of years to improve concentration, reduce stress, gain perspective, increase well-being and to achieve more. There are many ways to meditate, and each person’s practice can grow and evolve over time, in different situations and at different stages of life. Knowing different meditation techniques is an excellent way to try, and to find, a meditation practice that is right for you, right now."