“The Philosophy of the I Ching” by Carol K. Anthony (2nd edition, expanded and revised)

"The Philosophy of the I Ching" by Carol K. Anthony (2nd edition, expanded and revised)

"A companion book to A Guide to the I Ching, this book on the philosophy embedded in the I Ching remains a steady backlist favorite. It helps us understand and apply that philosophy to our daily lives.

The book explains terms such as “the Sage,” the Cosmic teacher that answers when we consult the I Ching, “the superior man,” as referring to “the true self,” and “the inferior man,” in referring to “the ego.”

The book also reveals the core philosophical concepts that have made the I Ching the Number One book in the Chinese Library for over 3000 years. It makes us aware that these concepts are the wellspring of wisdom from which both Confucianism and philosophical Taoism developed. Thus, the book brings us an understanding of the roots of Chinese culture.

Added to the second edition is the new and highly precise method for clarifying the messages received from the I Ching oracle."