“Tom’s Park: A Virtual Imaginality Game” by Thomas Campbell

"Tom's Park: A Virtual Imaginality Game" by Thomas Campbell

"You are going to enjoy playing and learning within the Virtual Imaginality™ game of Tom’s Park. The term “Imaginality” is a synthesis of imagination and reality. There are so many fun, interesting, and challenging people, places, and things to experience and explore that becoming immersed in them should be easy.

Tom’s Park in not your usual book. It is not so much a book to read as it is a book to live. Though it has text to read like other books, the reader of Tom’s Park must live his/her own story by making choices much like the choices of everyday life. The story, thus created, will be a story of becoming authentic and whole as old burdens and unwanted baggage are discarded. A story of eliminating fear and ego to secure personal healing and growth, and, eventually, a story of finding peace and joy in every day existence.

In other books, you experience information intellectually or vicariously — reading about it is not at all like actually living it. Tom’s Park is meant to be lived, to be experienced, in the same way you experience everyday life — direct, first hand, experiential connection with people, places and things. You are the main character in this book.

Tom’s Park is a game/manual/tool designed to help you develop your intuitive side, work in an intuitive space without your intellect crashing in to spoil the process, improve your ability to be creative, and enable you to both solve complex problems, and to see bigger pictures. It will help you get rid of fear, gain confidence, and provide you with choices that will improve the quality of your consciousness.

Tom’s Park is designed to create a supportive supplemental experience base that will enhance your personal growth. However, such an accomplishment requires consistent effort. Visit Tom’s Park often, there is a multitude of activities and connections to experience, don’t get stuck in just one or two activities or relationships — engage everything you find in Tom’s Park — just not all at once.

The Tom’s Park experience is one of initially using imagination to transform your mindscape into an extremely useful and valuable virtual reality safe-space that lies beyond the physical. A reality where you can fully develop one’s potential — both as a human and as a consciousness. Your journey through Tom’s Park may take years, even decades — but with patience and perseverance, little picture pain will eventually be replaced by big picture joy.

As a learning tool, Tom’s Park is intended to be used iteratively. Many of the functions and processes you will find here are meant to be used consistently and repeated as often as is beneficial. To be effective, Tom’s Park must be used to create a long series of iterative growth steps — one at a time, as you are ready. It is a tool that you must practice using, and then use often. It will be no more than what you make of it.

What makes Tom’s Park so special is that it is co-hosted by the Larger Consciousness System (LCS). The LCS creates an independent data-stream that matches your imagination’s data-stream perfectly so that it can seamlessly launch you into an educational, nonphysical, experiential experience much like a single player virtual reality game. Tom’s Park is defined as an independent virtual reality within the Larger Consciousness System (LCS), just as our so called “physical” universe (PMR) is.

Tom’s Park is a guided meditation within a super-supportive non-physical reality wherein you are both the guide (within the parks defined structure) and the guided — this constitutes the optimal situation for successful self-actualization or bootstrapping.

You should have fun in Tom’s Park. You should play in Tom’s Park, but the fun and the play need to be an integral part of a larger plan to learn and grow — to produce something of lasting value (that is what tools are for)."