“Supercharged Symbols: Manifesting with Sacred Geometry and Runes” by Iva Kenaz

"Supercharged Symbols: Manifesting with Sacred Geometry and Runes" by Iva Kenaz

"The 100 supercharged symbols in this book bind the most profound sacred geometries and runes. They were designed for very concrete intentions, so there’s a plentitude of love symbols, healing symbols, abundance symbols, success symbols, and so forth. Moreover, they were blessed and charged by several energy healers for an even greater effect. With their help, we can enjoy powerful manifestation, meditation, healing, alchemizing, shielding, and the law of attraction.

Part I focuses on how to work with the supercharged symbols and the meanings behind them. Part II contains the 100 supercharged symbols and their purposes. Each of the symbols has a suggested magical incantation and affirmation, and a visual list of the geometries and runes that it contains."