“American Sorcerer: Liber Psi-Magia” by Jack Cary

"American Sorcerer: Liber Psi-Magia" by Jack Cary

"American Sorcerer is also the Book of Psi-Magia, a new way to harness psychic ability. Psi-Magia is a perfect fusion of ancient esoteric techniques and modern American developed Remote Viewing controls and protocols. America's stargate program spent hundreds of millions of dollars designing controls and protocols that ensured that what they were witnessing in laboratory conditions, was in fact, psychic functioning. When these controls are applied to ancient so called 'magickal practices' then the true potency of those practices can be measured. This has been missing from magickal practices of the past, where the practitioner is left wandering if the results were truly derived from their own psychic abilities. This new potent system focuses on natural human psychic abilities and teaches how to harness these abilities through the new system of Psi-Magia developed over decades of practice by Jack Cary.

American Sorcerer is divided into five chapters, the first being a new and correct history of the teachings of the ancient mysteries schools that hid the techniques of human psychic functioning for eons. I felt this was important to dispel the mythology of the past with modern findings. The knowledge of the Anunnaki, the Book of Enoch, and many others has now allowed an accurate historical context to understand where esoteric practices began and where they ultimately lead. The 'Great Work' is discussed in the final chapter, controlling the collective subconscious. This is the most powerful weapon the human species possesses and now more than ever, our very survival may depend on it."