“Out of Body Ecstasy: The Anywhere, Anytime Orgasmic Experience” by Allie Theiss

"Out of Body Ecstasy: The Anywhere, Anytime Orgasmic Experience" by Allie Theiss

"You Never Have to Feel Alone Again! Out of Body Ecstasy is energy enhancement, sexual play, and sexual satisfaction that involves the use of your mind, your energy fields, and your senses. Using astral sex, dream sex, and telepathic sex, to connect to another person/energy/soul anywhere in the Universe.

These amazing sexual encounters can be experienced by anyone; from the novice to the advanced alike at any time; morning, noon or night at anyplace; during your daily commute, on an airplane or lying on the couch. No special skills are needed, no extra equipment required. Physical distance and/or physical limitations do not interfere with the experience. By incorporating the techniques described in this book only a few times a week, you will discover a shift in your life that attracts an abundance of positive people, and opportunities to you.

Out of Body Ecstasy offers more than explosive orgasms, improved health, and positive attraction. It offers connection — a sense of belonging. No matter if you are in a relationship or single, this can help you reconnect to your partner or find someone new like your twin flame or soul mate.

Do You Want To…
1) Learn telepathic connection?
2) Engage in telepathic sex?
3) Discover how to control your dreams via lucid dreaming?
4) Experience erotic dreams?
5) Travel via astral projection?
6) Infuse yourself with the orgasmic energy of astral sex?

Single? Use the techniques to find your soul mates and/or twin flame!

Allie incorporates step by step instructions, client stories, and her personal experiences as examples. All tips and techniques in the book, Allie has successful tried and clients have also had successful results."