“The Afterlife Book: Because You Never Got a Chance to Say Goodbye” by Jeannie Reed

"The Afterlife Book: Because You Never Got a Chance to Say Goodbye" by Jeannie Reed

"These days we're taught that death is the period at the end of the sentence of life. A hard stop. The end. So, many of us have never had faith in the idea that death might just be a simple transition to another form of life. But suppose that's what it is? And suppose there's proof?

The Afterlife Book takes a close look at the hidden workings of the spirit world and the endless life of the soul, how it all seems to function, and the earthly forces at play that influence the relationship between the afterlife and life as we know it.

In the Book you'll find ancient mystics, oracles, and thinkers, Michio Kaku and his quantum physics world, Deepak Chopra and his spiritual philosophy, Caroline Myss and her work on Native American spirituality, Edgar Cayce and his psychic genius. Here you'll find Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr., Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Ian Stevenson, and Dr. Jim Tucker and their research into death and memory. Here you'll find Albert Einstein and Pythagoras alongside a New Jersey cab driver, a Long Island executive, a California electrician, a Massachusetts singer, a Virginia woman of strong Christian faith. Here you'll find mediums from the 1700s on, including today's Jeffrey Wands, George Anderson, Lisa Williams, Theresa Caputo. Here you'll find Andy Griffith and Jerry Orbach and Elvis Presley, right alongside Socrates, Madame Blavatsky, Abraham Lincoln, and Amedeo Modigliani.

Overall, The Afterlife Book is an informative and entertaining read, a book that talks about a whole new/old way of looking at life and after-life. Jeannie Reed notes, "Maybe after reading this, we won't be afraid of dying anymore."