“Reality Boxes: And Other Black Holes in Human Consciousness” by Ingo Swann

"Reality Boxes: And Other Black Holes in Human Consciousness" by Ingo Swann

"The Reality of Human Reality Boxes. In this lucid and absorbing work, Ingo Swann opens up the continuing story about the fuller extent of human consciousness and limitations imposed on it by human reality boxes, a.k.a. "socially constructed realities" and "personal realities."

All cultures, societies, and individuals have fashioned reality boxes. Like language-making and other innate factors, this clearly indicates that somewhere in the motherboard of human consciousness there exists a versatile innate capability to do so.

As advanced researchers of consciousnesses are beginning to suspect, this means that behind all of the thousands upon thousands of reality boxes are the impressive factors of innate human consciousness itself — the sum of which must be far, far greater than smaller "reality" versions of it found in limited reality boxes — from which many seek to escape.

However, "getting out of the box" is something like escaping a prison, which one cannot really achieve unless one learns a great deal about the nature of the prison itself.

Most reality-box constructions omit mention of how awesome and wonderful the individual and collective consciousness of our species actually is. Even so, this magical aspect of ourselves can be retrieved from the many wreckages brought about via conflicting reality-box endeavors. After all, the panorama of innate human consciousness does survive, and is always "there" behind whatever reality boxes are superimposed on it."