“Banned Money Secrets” by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 3)

"Banned Money Secrets" by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 3)

"Perhaps one single question which has been asked more than any other is this: Is it possible to use these manifestation techniques to create more financial abundance in one’s life? Is it possible to manifest money without having to “earn” it?

Join bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts as he takes you on an astounding inner journey into the world of money, and explain why the answer is always a resounding Yes!

Not many people know this, but Richard Dotts started on his spiritual journey only wanting to create a better life for himself and his loved ones. As he admits candidly, his primary goal when he started out was to have more money to do the things which he enjoys. But beyond his wildest imagination, what ensued was a 10-year period in which he struggled to make these Universal principles work for himself. After business failures, personal disappointments and walking away from these teachings several times in bitterness and anger, he finally gained an even deeper understanding about how these principles work at creating our reality.

In Banned Money Secrets of the Hidden Rich, Richard explains how there is a group of individuals in our midst, coming from almost every walk of life, who have developed a special relationship with money. These are the individuals for whom money seems to flow easily at will, which has allowed them to live exceedingly creative and fulfilled lives unlimited by money. More surprisingly, Richard discovered that there is not a single common characteristic that unites the “hidden rich” except for their unique ability to focus intently on their desires to the exclusion of everything else. Some of the “hidden rich” are the most successful multi-millionaires and billionaires of our time, making immense contributions in almost every field.

In this latest book, Richard explains how his personal struggles with manifesting money in his own life led him on a wonderful journey that taught him so much more. While most advocate a narrow-minded approach focused solely on using “outer-directed” actions/tricks/mind hacks to “attract” money (resulting in once-off results that only work sporadically)… Richard teaches using his own life examples that the only true, lasting source of abundance comes from behaving like one of the hidden rich, and from developing an extremely conducive inner state that allows financial abundance to easily flow into your life.

Learn as Richard explains how he was able to completely let go of all his negative emotions of guilt and shame, fears and worries surrounding money… and how in the moment he did so, outer reality matched up to reflect his new inner understanding.

If you are reading this book to find once-off money manifestation hacks and techniques, you’ll probably not find them here. But if you have tried everything else and are prepared to embark on an abundance journey from the inside out… if you are finally willing to do the “inner work” necessary just as Richard realized in the end… this close to 200-page book could be the last money manifestation book you’ll ever need."